Monday, April 2, 2012

Okay so my first post is gonna be about Amnesia The Dark Descent (mods, cheats, and a free download)

Infinate Health: <val= "3" name= "mfhealth" val= "999.000000"/>
Infinate Lamp Oil <val= "3" name= "mflampoil" val="999.000000"/>
Infinate Sanity <val="3" name= "mfsanity" val= "999.000000"/>
Infinate Tinder Boxes <val= "2" name= "mftinderboxes" val= "99"/>

"super_secretrar" Password:

Web Adress: or go to and search "Amnesia the dark descent THETA" for a free download!
This is a 100% free and virus free download/instalation that instantly lets you enjoy the action packed, thrilling horror game realeased on September 27, 2010 (9-27-10) and is still played by millions today. This is a british horror game that puts you into the possition of a guy who entered the wrong house... you are able to venture through out the house and many other locations and the best part is you get to be terrified the whole way through the game... And yes before you ask there is teleporting naked guys, so lucky you! WARNING: (If you are faint of heart, have heart problems, or are scared of teleporting naked guys,  DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!) don't say i didn't warn you. Oh and if you do not trust me or millions of others you can do the dumb thing and pay $19.95 + tax, and don't forget shipping/handling wich rounds to about $20.00-$25.00 at or and get a sort of- recomended 6 hour download that way. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

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