Monday, April 2, 2012

You came to www.the to see all of my game reviews (especially my scary ones). I will be reviewing most of  the games I own, or the ones suggested to me by you guys, and since I actually have a life (suprising Right?) I won't be posting every day. I will review scary games such as Amnesia The Dark Descent, The Exorcist, Ju On The Grudge, Ao Oni (I think thats how it's spelled), The Witch, Fear (all of them), Resident Evil (all of them), Silent Hill (all of them), and the Bong Chong Dong ghost or (Bong Cheon Dong ghost) in English, sorry if you want to read it in Korean (original language). If you have any suggestions please coment or subscribe on my upcoming youtube chanel. Please note: If you hate this or anything and want to leave a hate coment please end the coments with a frowny face for example: :(. If you want to be Pewdiepie's bro you should check out his girlfriend's channel as well (Cutiepie).

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